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Nurati's Story

The name NURATI is a beautiful blend of Arabic and Sanskrit. "Nur," from Arabic, signifies light, while "Ati," in Sanskrit, conveys intensity or abundance. This harmonious combination evokes the image of "radiant brilliance" or "exceptional luminosity."

It is inspired by a young villager who dreamed of bringing technology to her people. ​The story begins in a remote village, surrounded by the beauty of nature. The villagers live a peaceful and simple life. However, they face a common problem - they cannot enjoy the convenience and fun of modern technology.

A young villager named Nurati is curious about technology. She dreams of bringing advanced technology to the villagers, so that they can experience the convenience and fun of modern life. So, she decides to leave the village and embark on a journey to find technology.

Nurati travels around the world, learning the latest technology knowledge and skills. . Along the way, she met many people who shared her passion and vision. She realized that technology could transform people’s lives when it was integrated into their lifestyle. Therefore, she decided to create her own brand - Nurati.

The story of Nurati is a story of innovation, perseverance, and passion. It is a story about the power of technology to connect people and create shared experiences. It is a story about the importance of never giving up on your dreams.

Nurati offers high-quality, innovative and practical wireless earbuds, audio gadgets and other electronics that deliver the ultimate sound experience. Fit your lifestyle, feel the charm of technology.

Nurati's journey is not ending yet! Join us today and become part of our story!

Our Company

Nurati is a brand of the Binshi Group, a leading manufacturer and supplier of audio products and 3C products in China. With four factories in Dongguan City and over 1,500 employees, we produce earphones, bluetooth earphones, data cables, chargers, mobile power supplies, car chargers, and car mounts.


We have extensive experience in working with global giants like Philips, Harman, REMAX, Aiwa, boAt, SoundPEATS, Walmart and Blukar. We can create innovative and stunning yet affordable products as well as provide professional one-stop ODM/OEM solutions. Beside the Nurati, we also own two other brands: BYZ and Happyaudio.


We have a strong R&D and design team that can meet various customer needs and preferences. We have a quality control team and professional sales staff that ensure our products comply with international quality standards and customer requirements. We have acquired ISO9001, ISO14001, SEDEX and MFI certifications.


Our corporate tenet is “integrity, pragmatism, quality and efficiency”. We are committed to serving customers from all walks of life with our high-quality products and services.



We are a leading earbud company in the electronics industry with over 20 years of experience and expertise. We strive to innovate and deliver the best sound experience to our customers by continuously improving the sound quality and performance of our products. We also actively engage in setting and promoting industry standards, enhancing the customer satisfaction, product excellence, and environmental responsibility.


We are passionate about music and quality. Our products are crafted by expert craftsmen and innovators who combine premium materials and cutting-edge technology. We rigorously test every device and accessory to ensure that they surpass our high standards and delight your senses. We are dedicated to offering you the ultimate sound experience.



We value our partners and consumers. We deliver exceptional customer service from the moment you choose us to the moment you need us. Our factory produces high-quality and high-performance products, and our professional after-sales team handles any issues that may arise during your daily use. We are committed to building a long-lasting relationship with you.

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